Rise and Shine: How to be Effective at Work Photo by Sarah Nuernberger

Rise and Shine: How to be Effective at Work

It was 7 in the morning during Beth H's first week of work. She had recently graduated from Duke University and was living in New York City and working as an editorial intern at a national magazine. When the alarm clock went off, her first, barely conscious thought was "I'll skip my first class." Then she sat up with a start.

"I realized you can't do that anymore," she says. "It's a job and people are paying you to work. This was real life."

That experience is shared by thousands of college grads every year. If you're about to enter the workforce, a drastic realignment of your sleep patterns is probably in order. No matter what your body may be telling you, you'll be expected to be up-and-at-'em first thing in the morning and at peak condition for the next eight, ten-even twelve-hours. >> Read more

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