• Chris Shrigley Kenny Goldberg

    Chris Shrigley

    Senior Manager, Technology at Disney Online Studios
    Wilmorton College, computer science, 1986

    When Chris Shrigley came to the U.S. from a small town in England with two suitcases and $400 in his pocket, he never dreamed he’d get a chance to visit Disneyland, never mind work for the much-adored company. A gaming and entertainment software whiz, he now heads the technology team building a brand-new online game for Disney Online Studios. And his friends and family at home? “Still massively impressed,” he says. “And for me, the novelty hasn’t worn off either.”

    What role does technology play at Disney?

    Technology is key. We focus on hiring world-class talent, and we innovate a great deal here across the entire division. The teams are absolutely top notch, from our senior leadership to our engineers.

    Are there any myths about technology at Disney?

    The perception is that Disney is not really a tech company, but more of a traditional media company. That isn’t true at all. We’re all about tech, and we innovate across the board, be it via the web, social gaming, cutting-edge AAA console titles, mobile, or MMOGs.

    What challenges do you face?

    Games are pushing technological boundaries across the board, so you have to be really sharp to keep up. That’s also one reason I love working at Disney—you never get bored.

    What is the working culture like at Disney?
    I think people love the wholesome Disney brand because they grew up with it—maybe that sounds cliché, but it’s pretty special to be surrounded by truly invested and interested people. We are always thirsty for bright, enthusiastic people who are creative and passionate about technology.